This is what the Ten Towers immortals DONT want you to know.

Through my exploration of a certain mud known as the Ten Towers, I have developed quite a knowledge of secret things that aren't widely known by the player base. It would appear that the immortals take great joy in making things that are much much more than they appear. The following is a list of those things, and more game secrets (nothing like how to get to Trent Reznor... this is the real shit. Hit the wolf page if you want pussy speedwalks). Though I have listed myself as an anonymous user, not needing to be hounded down by the 10t administration, I, the webmaster, can be reached by clicking the following link. The Squealer.

- Cast a healing spell on the hurt elf in Yad'riss AFTER killing the torturer and he'll give you "secret boots" which is a good levelling item. They also discreetly increase your height.

- The library is located up from the centre of the plateau north of Dar Khanoth. It's not complete yet, but has some nice information already such as paths through fog of hitower, etc.

- The psionicist spell "death field" kills the pale shade in coreana, king neptune in atlantis, and the kraken in the great western sea in one shot.

- The delirious nomad actually does load a pretty nice item, one out of every 100 times. The item is called "Helm of the Lost" and gives +6 damroll, +30 mana, -50 hp, -2 constitution. Don't use it while levelling, but it is the best helmet in the game otherwise.

- There is a portal that shows up randomly in the desert north of Lotac. The portal leads to the hut of Baba Yaga, an ogress, who loads the best shield in the game - "The Witchcraft Shield". An immortal who shall remain nameless has this shield on one of thier mortals. We'll probably never know how legal that was... exact stats on the item are not available at this time.

- The greasy overalls purchased from Butch in the forest of thieves are quite a bit better once you have Onerus or Lowell repair them. It costs 20000 gold to get them done, unless you have the "haggle" skill. Get a thief to do the task for you, the damroll bonus is astounding.

- In the coalition zone (reached through the portal in the Black Forest) there is a slight bug that allows any legend (level 70) character to reach the black market. Simply set your recall to "home chat" from the area and you will recall directly to the black market. Have your money ready, and be prepared because sometimes Torinan will attack you.

- Dalrymple in the 'Mahntor past' part of Mount Radik IS charmable. He is by far the best charmie to have at your side. Although he is level 80, he has a flag set making him vulnerable to charm. This allows mortals (usually only avatars) to charm, dominate, and force him to betray. However, it will not work if you have any other mobs in your group when charming him.

- Explicta Defilus in Land of the Cult has a surrender program on her. Simply surrender when she's at 'wounds' or worse and her hit points will automatically drop to 10. She is easily defeated after doing this, and is worth excellent experience. Low level players really benefit from this one.

- In the Poltergeist area (the house with Casper at the door in Lotac), kill all of the confused spirits and then stand at the centre of where they load. After about 15 minutes (real life time), casper will show up and give you "an Uber-Badge" - by far the best levelling equipment in the game. It gives a +4 to both wisdom and constitution.

- Hold an empty efreet bottle when killing the efreet in the fire plane of elemental planes. It will become "an efreet bottle" which gives you a +3 damroll bonus, +70 mana, and -70 hp. Not too shabby of an item for a magicuser or priest.

- Another Poltergeist hint, given to me by a guest immortal. I later checked up on it and found it to be true. Jokey, the infamous mob that traps you in one room until a reboot, actually loads Aladdin's rings 1/50 times. He's an easy kill, so just park a character there, kill him, log off, do something else, log back on, kill him, etc.

- The small kitten, a pet available from Inger Lightaxe in Lotac, is by far the best mob to have at your side in War of the Colour Lords. Purchase one, get to the Dar Khanoth continent, set 'home temple' and recall. This gets your pet there with you. Then, in the colour lord area, simply order the kitten to murder, not kill, any of the mobs.

- Give an entire set of tiamat equipment (scales, claw, and shield) to the lich in Savir to recieve the fourth and final item... "the tiamat gauntlets" which give a +3 damroll, +2 strength, +35 hp, and -45 mana. Nobody has successfully done this yet... an immortal told me of the program on the lich. By the way, it doesn't matter in what order you give him the 3 items.

- Another item to have repaired besides Butch's overalls... if you take a sock monkey (purchased at David Letterman after leaving the ship) to Lowell (in Dar Khanoth, east stiltway), and have it repaired, it becomes a bit more than a collecters item. The chart for repaired sock monkeys follows.

Part MissingStats once repaired
lips+5 charisma
eyesadds 'detect hidden' and 'detect invis' effects
nosehas 2 charges of level 70 'charm person'
earsadds 'vocalize spells' effect
arms+2 strength, +2 damroll
legs+2 dexterity, +300 moves

- When two psionicists are grouped, with the leader following the other psion, mobs that betray via the leader's spell can be given orders from either psionicist. This is very handy, especially in case the original caster becomes paralyzed or linkdead.

- Edgar the human swordpupil (fog before High Tower of Sorcery) gives warriors the hidden skill "death blow" for only 5000 gold. This enables a warrior a 1/10 chance on ANY hit of killing ANY mob with a level 5 lower than his own (ie: a level a level 65 warrior would have 1/10 chance on all hits on killing any mob level 60 or less).

- Rather than purchasing just any old smurf from Smurfette (in the Elven Forest), say "gnarp" to her. You will recieve, as a pet, Hefty Smurf. With over 10000 hitpoints, he's by far the best pet. Just don't say "gargamel" to her... she'll slay you.

- Paralyze all of the guildmages in Dominaria. If they are all still paralyzed when you kill the Spirit of the Night, it will load the "Black Lotus" - a gem with 1200 mana, any type, spell level 66. Note - this will only work if the Spirit doesn't have fireshield when it dies. The best way to do this one is to have several players in the area, a couple on paralyze duty, the other killing the spirit. Remember... ";" is the shortcut for gtell. :)

- Kill the shadow dragon in Tyrilysil. If you get the body part 'heart' from it, head to the blue wyvern. Attack the wyvern, then flee. After fleeing 3 times, give the heart to the wyvern. He will load a portal that leads to the area known as The Creation Room. The area used to be connected south of the will o the wisp, but it was decided that the items contained there were too accessable. The area's enforced levels are 66 and above. This hint is for die hard players only, that is those seeking a challenge (and quite a bit of gold, I must say).

Now it should be noted that every immortal on the Ten Towers will disavow all knowledge of any of the secrets presented here, but trust me - I've witnessed many of them occur, and have received logs of the rest from anonymous sources. This list will continue to grow, but only with your contributions. Simply send email to The Squealer. You anonymity will be preserved, I promise you.

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